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Wednesday, March 28, 2007
The reasons for a blog on VAW - violence against women

A year ago when I was taking a course to become a volunteer advocate for survivors of violence aganist women, I naively said that I didn't know a single woman who was a victim. The course opened my eyes to recognize the variety and degrees of abuse against women and now I see it everywhere. Not so surprising as the statistics is that one in three women is a victim of abuse.

A week after a very close friend of mine confided in me about the violence she and her thirteen year old daughter endured at the hands of the husband, the news about Kamilat Muhisin, a 21 year old Ethiopian woman who was a victim of acid attack, came out. (Updates of Kamila's story are on Meskel Square and Ethio-Zagol. So, the least I can do is creat a blog with some information about violence against women, the types of violence, the campaign against a victim (it's premeditated), global and local efforts to stop VAW , what individuals can do to stop VAW, policies needed...

This blog is also dedicated to raise funds for the organization where I volunteer, Harbor House.

Please help in any way you can - spread the world, share your stories, share what you know, help raise funds... Do something.

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Kamilat - victim of acid burning The face of VAW - violence against women. It should and can be stopped with enough commitment. Helping one woman at a time is a start.

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