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Thursday, March 29, 2007
Stop stoning of two Sudanese women
Amnesty Internation reports that...

Sadia Idriss Fadul, from the Fur ethnic group, was sentenced to death by stoning on 13 February. Amouna Abdallah Daldoum, a member of the Tama ethnic group, was sentenced on 6 March. They were both convicted of adultery by a criminal court in Managil province, in Gazira state, central Sudan. According to reports, the women had no lawyer during their trial, and were not able to defend themselves, as their first languages are those of their ethnic groups in Darfur. The court proceedings were conducted in Arabic, and the women were reportedly not provided with a translator. They have yet to lodge an appeal against their sentence.

The AI site has contact addresses where you can send a petition on behalf of Sadia Idriss Fadul and Amouna Abdallah Daldoum. Take a few minutes to send a letter to save their lives..
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